Jeżeli kredytobiorca nie spłaci kredytu w terminie określom m w umowie, bank: dokonuje potrącenia wierzytelności banku z tytułu nie spłaconego
w terminie kredytu z wierzytelnością kredytobiorcy z tytułu /łożonej kaucji,
i powiadamia kredytobiorcę o dokonaniu potrącenia i wydaje mu nadwyżkę ponad dług z tytułu nie spłaconego kredytu. Po spłacie kredytu bank zwraca kredytobiorcy przedmiot kaucji.
W celu zabezpieczenia to kredyt hipoteczny wierzytelności banku dłużnik lub inna osoba może przelać określoną kwotę w złotych lub w innej walucie wymienialnej na rachunek banku kredytodawcy, który zobowiąże się, że wróci tę kwotę po uzyskaniu zapłaty zadłużenia wraz z należnymi
odsetkami i prowizją.
Bank nie ma obowiązku zwrotu części kwoty przyjętej na rachunek równej nie spłaconej w terminie sumie zadłużenia wobec banku,
Odsetek i prowizji.

Cyclothymia, borderline or just mood swings?

I have 20-some years. For some time looking at your life (which is objectively
speaking is a "normal") to say that everything is to d. .. and nothing to me
you do not succeed, it feels very lonely and do not know what to do. I do not know
motivation to act, and the stagnation me down.

I am changing moods, in one moment everything is great just to the world in August
collapsed. Do not bother me in contact with people but it is cumbersome.
Small actions can be treated as "a great tragedy, some ordinary behavior
Human interpret as an intentionally directed against me. On the other hand
I am generally calm environment of the receiving me as a person gay, optimist,
something that I can actually have a look at the world in bright colors
and often they do - so for about 2 years before I was less certain
themselves and less open to the people, now we can say that I am the person
very positive.

Usually, especially recently, I meet up with the guys busy
short-term relationships. This is somehow the same thing. I feel ok with that until it
staying the same. It used to be, with every guy I met with which
I treated as an opportunity for something unique, fortunately grew up with this.

When I was 18 years for nearly a year I went to a psychologist, treated at
depression. I had to interrupt the visit for reasons beyond me, so
came to a standstill. This has its consequences, fortunately failed
and now I think it was stupid and as a result of interplay of various factors.

My parents are divorced, the entire teenage and adult life, I do not have contact
with his father at his own request (was authoritative, very demanding, which recognizes
only its own right, and sometimes aggressive). As a child I was probably
ADHD, then no one diagnosed.

The superficial contacts just get on with people, harder to find deeper
relationships. On the one hand I have a high opinion of himself, on the other, I believe that
I'm ugly and the guy go to another. In the third parties do not zleży me
possession of a permanent connection only pleasing but sometimes it is really missing
someone close ...

Probably what I wrote is very chaotic for some time but I can not
give you advice with each other and understand what I mean ...

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